‚ÄčThe Hairs Inn Salon was Established 2012


Mary has been licensed stylist for 8 years.

Her passion for hair began in her early teens, and was brought to life after high school as she attended the Torrington Beauty Academy.

Mary loves following the latest trends with hair and makeup.

Holly and Mary met when they were working at another Salon together. Holly left this salon first to go to a bigger/fancier salon and promised Mary if she ever opened her own salon, Mary would be the first person Holly called! 

And that's exactly what Holly did!


Holly has been a stylist for over 4 years.

Holly's love for hair and makeup started at the early age of 12. She worked most of her life in the corporate world. She knew there was something better out there for her besides sitting and staring at a computer all day. So she took the leap and went to hair school at the age of 40.

She took another leap after a year of being a stylist and opened her own salon.

The Hairs Inn was established in December 2012.

Why Terryville you ask? The small town/hometown feel. 

Holly's passion is the health and integrity of her clients hair.


The Hairs Inn Salon

      A Unisex Salon

Holly and Mary are the only two stylist at The Hairs Inn Salon, for now.

We work very well together to create a comfortable stress free environment.

When you step into The Hairs Inn Salon we want you to feel like you are coming to visit us at our home! The Hairs Inn Salon "IS" our daytime home.